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#together against coronavirus

I got a bad bitch Lil misbehave

She hop on my dick She tryna ride the wave My shoes off white Tshirt bape When I post on ig The internet break It's crazy how I got famous off my cellphone Made more money than ppl that been grown Bitches all ova me just like some cologne My life a movie That go so on and so on Up up and away Important lil boy going state to state un A fuck on the bitch for today After these 24 hours replace her Want find no racks in yo feelings That why I'm a money chaser That's why I got my cake up Married to the money we can't break up My life a surprise I do everything random Get bored easy Like kid flipping through channels She wanna taste me So I give her a sample You just sucked a godly dick Hoe be thankful Diamond be hitting My neck can be a flashlight Had a couple dollars Starting grinding made it multiply Only hang with real niggas Blue check verified Bad bitches only Gotta be a 10 to qualify No cap I live extravagant lifestyle Only use magnums Don't do the lifestyles I'm to known Gotta keep a low profile Wifin these hoes Really not my style Post a pic so the world can like and comment on it My pockets is filled with paper with numbers on it Niggas said he was my bro and went phony on me Subtracted the snakes and started making hella money I take shit day by day Don't get to excited that's how I was raised Don't get yo hopes up okay Cause they a come wipe that smile off yo face

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