Chiderah David

Dernière mise à jour le: 15 septembre 2020
#together against coronavirus

Piece by piece You picked every part of me This was a love that was supposed to be

But you felt it was time that you be set free You opened my eyes to things I hadn't seen Your love took me to places I'd never been When I was with you nothing else mattered The mere fact that I could call you mine was a phenomenon that left my mind shattered I was shattered when you left You left a you sized hole in my heart My heart skipped several beats when you came to mind And mind you, you were the thought that came to me every second of the day I mean how is that possible You were the song my heart beat to The path my veins coursed through The window the eyes of my heart saw through You were an extention of me that I never thought would never leave But you had your heart set on other things Things that didn't involve you and i You and I was not a concept in your theory of life Me plus you was not a formula in your equation of love I was just the next best thing after the least best thing And the least best thing after you found your next best thing This wasnt love for you I was just another instrument you played And string you could strum with the fingers of your lust This is the reality and I can accept it The strength to fight it I was given by God You fooled me once now I have twice the strength I need to focus on What is good and what is God You've taught me lesson and I won't be attending experience's class anymore From this day forward I erase you from my memory Good bye Good because I'm gone for good Bye because I'm never gonna see you again We're done

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