ParolesThe Only Risk Worth Taking

Bob Bennett

Dernière mise à jour le: 22 juillet 2017

THE ONLY RISK WORTH TAKING W/M: Bob Bennett 1996 Bright Avenue Songs (ASCAP)

We both have our stories Of our days in the romance wars The siren song of whispered words The slow decay of slamming doors And we tell ourselves never again Will we touch that fire Will we feel that pain But it′s a promise we're bound to be breaking Because we know that love Love is the only risk worth taking Trust and betrayal Connected like Siamese twins They give each other meaning One ends where one begins Self-defense state-of-the-art No one can overthrow the government That rules the vigilant heart It′s a logical mistake that we're making Even though we know that love Love is the only risk worth taking Ships that never leave the harbor Books that never leave the shelf Possibilities unrequited But you owe more than just safety To yourself And I would never judge you harshly What you believe or what you know But there's a part of me That sees the part of you That is hard for you to show... ...You believe love is the only risk The only sacrifice worth making Love is the only risk worth taking

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