ParolesAn Appointment With the Master


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She leaves instructions on her doorstep And they say, do not disturb her And you tell yourself she's sleeping

But secretly she's keeping An appointment with her master Who wears gold upon his fingers And puts silver in your pocket Come the morning she's still sleeping And you think an explanation Might be useful for the future But she just looks as if to tell you That if you really want an answer To the question that you're asking Ask the master If you really want an answer Make an appointment with the master So I went to see the master And he said that there's no need to be An everlasting loser You take her and you use her And pay very close attention To the manners and the movements Of your lord and loving master Then he led me into darkness And I felt that I was falling And I said, can I be dreaming? No, I know I am not sleeping For my eyes were being opened My imagination tutored By my lord and loving master Then she showed me to her table And we dined before the master And his blood was like a living wine And I saw no need to ask her For my manners and my movements Were those that I had studied From my lord and loving master

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