ParolesLove So Right (Patwa mix)


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He came on like the night when he held on tight And the world was right when he made love to me We were free

He moved in like a friend Started loving me And I thought I'd found my heaven in his arms But the morning when I woke up I was here and he was gone Now I was hanging on Maybe you can tell me CHORUS: How could love so right turn out to be so wrong, oh my darling How could love so right Turn out to be, so wrong And, why did he go when I needed him close to me And the perfect story ended at the start I thought you came forever but you came to break my heart 'Cos I was hanging on, on the chance that you'll come back to me CHORUS I could take it in my stride Start living for the moment Maybe half the things we sought were never there Since we opened up our eyes and bring it down to size It isn't really fair

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