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There was a holy hush all over As I walked into the room And as I stood to see Him face to face

I was gloriously made new There was a great and awesome presence And a light bright as any day And as I bowed to kneel with the angels I hear the Spirit say (oh, heard it say) All rise (all rise), all rise (all rise) To stand before the throne In the presence of the Holy One All rise (all rise), all rise (all rise) As we worship the Messiah All rise Then I looked at those all around me With their hands uplifted high And the Spirit laid His hands on me And I uplifted mine (alleluia) And He was singing alleluias And praises to His name (praise Your Holy name) And as I bowed to kneel with the angels I heard the Spirit say (heard it say) Singing holy, holy, holy (holy, holy) Worthy is the Lamb (worthy) Who was, and is, and is to come (who was) He is the great I AM (the great I AM) (Let the church arise and stand, Let the church arise and stand) Repeat Chorus (with echoes) All rise All rise

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