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#together against coronavirus

We'll now begin the push-up section Ready? Began

Aye Down Go head bruh Fortyyyyyyyy Seven Snipers Imma hit ya bitch With my dagger Stab her Walking with a limp I got moves like Jagger FortySeven Shawnn Yeah she like me For my Swajjur I Sweep a nigga Then I mop him Feeling Like I'm Tisa Now Who is you? Who is me? Bitch I got amnesia I Turn a nigga to a stain Swifter Sweep him Imma turn it up In my speakers I make my Choppa (Tssssssss) Like a creeper You can't fuck with me You niggas on the ropes You living like the ozone You don't want no smoke I give her backstrokes When we going backstage I put it in her and then she feel it In her rib cage

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