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(2pac) Hahaha Yeah, these r my words to my firstborn U know what time it is These r my words to my firstborn Nothin left to give Verse 1 Now can ya picture young niggaz in a rush to grow To old timers in the pen had to crush his throat Probably never even saw it comin Too busy bullshittin, caught him wit his mouth runnin Ain't this a bitch they got me twisted in this game The feds and the punk police pointin pistols at my brain I wonder if i'm wrong cause i'm thugged out My homies murdered execution style runnin out the drug house What was supposed to be a easy hit Now things r changed cause niggaz died over bullshit Inside my dreams i'm seein pictures of a broken man No witnesses only questions of who smoked the man Young adolescents in our prime livin a life of crime Though it ain't logical we hobblin through these tryin times Livin blind Lord help me with my troubled soul Why all my homies had to die before they got to grow And right before i put my head on the pillow say a prayer One love to the thugs in heaven i'll see ya there It's written for the young and dumb that wasn't born Help ya make it through the storm My words to my firstborn, feel me My words to my firstborn My words to my firstborn Since my very first day on this earth i was cursed So i knew that the birth of a child would make my life worse And though it hurt me there was no distortion Cause wild seeds can't grow we need more abortions Quiet ya soul, cause ya know what ya had to do And so did victims of a world they never came to I understand it's a better day comin Sometimes catch me sleepin on a dead end drivin with the car runnin Blinded Ain't no love in the hood only hearts torn Love letters to the innocent and unborn All the babies that died up on the table Cause the family wasn't able Can't blame em i would do the same All i had to give it was my debt and my last name Cause in the game things change livin up and down This hard life got me walkin with my head down Flashin frowns wasn't meant to be was i wrong But i'll never get to know so i carry on It's written for the young and dumb that wasn't born My words to my first born, feel me My words to my firstborn (My nigga nutso up in this bitch) These are my words to my firstborn (Hey nigga talk to ya boy, talk to ya seed nigga) (Nutso) I'm just another thug nigga trapped up in this ghetto life And endless hustle, strugglin tryin to settle right And doin dirt ain't savin me But the streets is the only thing payin me Feel me Runnin with G's stackin G's packin heat Mob life till this muthafuckas wack me Stackin greenery thuggin till i die Pickin up so much drank i'm gettin high Got the feds on me And they label me a bad crook Thinkin i'm the reason this nigga got his hat took On the run, now daddy gotta pack a gun Cause these niggaz wanna make u the last one About these riches and jealous bitches and things u gon be sellin through And if i die, remember that it's all love and i'm by your side every night Don't be a loser, choose your dreams do your thing Go solo cause these cold ho's will twist u up like shoe strings Open your eyez don't let these haters get you Roll up and diss you My words to my firstborn (2pac talking) Words to my muthafuckin seed You feel me Nigga don't know what's gonna happen come tomorrow or the next day Muthafucka be here today be gone tomorrow i done seen it happen Muthafucka get two put to his head he no longer existin Thats what i'm talkin about What u gonna tell ya kids nigga, who was u, what was u doin, how did u put it Down These r my words to my muthafuckin firstborn So he can know, ya know wha i mean Haha Ain't nothin buy a muthafuckin ridah Westside till i die Thats all it was These some crooked ass? dealin muthafuckaz I just play to win Muthafucka gotta bet against the odds Know what i mean, rollin with muthafuckin?, sometimes u hit 7 11, Sometimes u cramp out, Thats just a chance a muthafucka take when u a ridah though These r my words to my muthafuckin firstborn, me and my nigga nutso, Representin thugs all over this muthafucka Worldwide, you know what time it is All the abortion clinics, all the babies that died of miscarriage, you know What time it is We out this bitch

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