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玫瑰玫瑰我爱你 Rose Rose I Love You 玫瑰玫瑰最娇美 玫瑰玫瑰最艳丽 长夏开在枝头上 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你

玫瑰玫瑰情意重 玫瑰玫瑰情意浓 长夏开在荆棘里 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你 心的誓约 心的情意 圣洁的光辉照大地 心的誓约 心的情意 圣洁的光辉照大地 玫瑰玫瑰最娇美 玫瑰玫瑰最艳丽 长夏开在枝头上 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你 All his life he will remember Oriental music and your in his heart Perfumed flowers in your traces Lotus scented breezes and seaying palms Make way oh make way for this eastern rose Men crowd in dozens everywhere she goes In the rickshaw on the street or in the cabaret 玫瑰玫瑰我爱你

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