LetraNEED (feat. 350)


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Man It′s adamariz We got three fifty on here

You know how it is man You're all I need God Yeah Wow man Yeah Never uh Never ever ever uh Never ever own mine Own again Ghost hit the door again Told them better go again Prime time Prime time show folded man Never had a day I never thought about my demons lurking Beeper chirping Had a lot I probably made the preachers nervous I been hand made Sauced up and brand made Never met a hard headed brother that He can′t save Yeah Again I'm on for the last days Last summer I was down bad Trying to get past daze Move the advance mane True to my dad's lane Driver on my heart Like I remember when he had mane If He did it once He′ll do it again I told my ends Watch how my God will prove it again Alright Even if I never cool in a Benz You see the birds are always fly So how much for His kids Alright Stepping in my purpose with my dirty white vans on Why would I follow you When He has greater plans If I start to trip He′s gone grab me by the hand He's never letting go No He really is my dad He sent the son of man Had to stop popping xans So I could stop being just a fan Tried to run from my past Had to get back in the lab Rather than focus on that Put my faith in my bag Even when it wavers I know He won′t turn His back Cause He's all I need How can you be so loyal to a person But when it comes to God You don′t raise your hand When He says go That deserves a reprimand Now I'm with a different squad Headed to the promised land I′m not perfect Feel like by God I've been deserted Why should I worship I've been sinning Who said being a Christian was super easy Cause you got to deal with the hypocrites Or the ones who mix the scripture with the gibberish Then they putting all the sinners on the pulpits Where everyone can see them On the sidelines acting foolish Momma taught me not to be them But I slipped I got pissed Flip the script I was tripping I went missing Into an ocean Tryna find where hope is Cause when I cried at the pulpit Ain′t nobody notice But God

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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