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Sexy mama Oya ka jo mama Kiya masa mama Sexy mama Oya ka jo mama Kiya masa mama Oya ka jo mama Back in the days Dem bin dey use me dey play Dem be no send my face Dem be one stop my race But na play dem dey play Baba God dey bless me with blessing Me I no send your face I just dey run my race Bad man wan stop my shine But na dem go tire Success is all I desire And Baba dey bless me Call that sexy girl Omoge ki lo desire? Omo just shake your bumbum Make I dey see you dey dance Back in the days Nobody send me Now God don bless me Enemies dey stress me E fi mi le now Bad man stay far away Dem try steal my blessing But God still dey bless me Isn't that interesting? Uh huh Tell all the girls go down Oh my baby go down Fine baby please never slow down I'm loving the showdown This is a countdown 10 to 1 are you ready? The way my baby throw it down You're my soldier salute Bad man wan stop my shine Dem dey pray for me to go down Dem dey pray make I fall no time But I dey pray make all of them rundown Dem dey pray make we star no shine But I pray make all of dem slow down Ooh na dem no go shine Dem go go down Dem go shut down See I'm working and I'm grinding Dey want me to fall, why me? Dem try to kill me They want me down They want me down, why me? I'm feeling myself and I'm balling And my sexy girl she from China But my Lagos girl she's finer And I buy her the finest designer

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