LetraI'm Bound for Canaan Land

Willie Mae Ford Smith

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As sung by Willie May Ford Smith Via the movie "Say Amen Somebody" I am bound - for Canan Land To that happy golden strand There I shall - receive all blessings For the work - I′ve done - below Yes I'll be so glad to meet (So glad) (to The prophets - and the others - Meet the prophets) (the Gone on - before - oh but I long Others - gone on - before) (I To see my Savior that died Long) (to see my Savior) He died to save us all. Yes I′ll be glad -so (That died to save us all) (so Glad-to meet oh my mother and my Glad) (to meet my mother) Father brother sister (My father) (brother & sister Too - yes my sister - & my brother - & your Too) Father - He died - to save - save us all (He died - to save) (to save Us all) Transcribed By: Sacred Gethsemene Chapel

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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