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Speedy Justice

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I never was much on breaking the law Keep to the slow lane Try to avoid pain

The years can build up and crash down Like a dam burst Like a man cursed Dark closing in the light just waiting Feels like sin is my salvation The wrong thing at the right time Then it′s like smack it's never enough All the time I wish I could go back to grade school Where the girls were something pure and bright Life held mystery and wonder And I didn′t know what makes the world work When I thought things were alright I wish I could highlight and delete The last 30 years Get the fuck out of this country And never be a slave Or let my conscience cave Let my soul get saved It's too late for innocence by now Like the good in me Scorched numb sensuality Like a vortex of empty Shooting down that empty eye Of the masters standing by I wish my IQ was 20 points lower My lust and my greed were that much slower That my good is so damned hard to feed Not like my easy need The harsh city lights on the wet street at night Faces blur reality and dreams Arms legs brushing by at the speed of light Bruise my body by the anger bright I used to be a something with anticipation It's so easy, it′s so easy, it′s so easy

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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