LetraHow To Beat a Monkey at Chess

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This piece takes that piece, but that piece then takes mine... I can′t lose my rook while I'm lagging way behind! I′ll play safe and wait for an opportunity... I won't let that cheeky monkey make a monkey out of me! Wait, Mark! Don't take it! That monkey′s set a trap! He wants me to take it? He thinks you′re quite a sap. But check out this Bishop! You'll take his piece for free! And that monkey′s got no chance to make a monkey out of me! Let's set a gambit! We′ll take him by surprise... Not really an option... He took, like, half my guys... Let's bring in the big guns and force his King to flee- -So that monkey doesn′t further make a monkey out of me! "MONKEY LANGUAGE" Hello, A Monkey! I talk in language well! Are playing a chess you? Your skill is very swell! My win wants to friend you, so loser will you be? One of these pieces... Has got to do the trick... But how can we beat him? I'd recommend a stick... It's crazy... Bananas- Insane...! Completely nuts...! - But I think we made a monkey out of- -Completely made a monkey out of- -We finally didn′t let a monkey Make a monkey out of us!

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