Letra2am on the Southside (feat.…

Puday Piff

Última actualización realizada el: 1 de junio de 2020
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#together against coronavirus

Shooters know you, you don't know me Fentanyl bars one hit & you ode It's either you salute or you shoot me

Pulling up pitchfork in front of the new v Shooters know you, you don't know me Fentanyl bars one hit & you ode Quality control I'm Q.C Copped a whole joint started out wit a QP 2020 vision they talking bout who's realer They like RIP my nigger but be chilling with the killer You yungins don't know about pain cuz they don't feel it Plus Popping too many pills they in your feelings The streets ain't the same these niggsz snitching Blinders On I got that tunnel vision 100 bottles for the gang cuz we rep that different I guess this is how it feel when you winning Was top ramen in the winter Now it's steak & lobster for dinner Never settle for less gotta move with a purpose Cuz if you dnt know your worth then your worthless This for the have & the have nots CAme a long way from selling crack on the back blocks We was just trying to make it They praying for my downfall them niggaz is still waiting They got the mad face them niaggaz is still hating And we still here thru the trials & tribulations The night is young I can feel the vibes The rush of the money it makes me feel alive Slow money no money I took the faster route If you ain't getting chinni what you yapping bout My gunnaz run the town better ask around I call up my youngin he bring the ladder out These niggaz talking bout who rap better Came up from the bottom I'm a product of the crack era I ain't slipping think imma lack never Keep a 357 under my black sweater Break it down cuz we ain't selling no weight It's money down then im stopping the bank I want it all you niggsz taking up space If it's war none of you niggaz is safe You can't swim w the sharks in the tank You couldn't spin the yard w a shank & cause terror We ain't cut from the same cloth I'm in the wrong era Bang bang baby this is what I to Get the drop head shot now you on the news I ain't going out for something my man said So I'm clipping him like Aaron Hernandez Yeah he flashing it but that was his bread Toting some shit bout as long as my Ain't nothing change I still stash the work in the light switch I might just stuff a whole brick in a white bitch Take o.t have her working the night shift Then come back & splurge on Virgil off white shit A problem they can't do nothing with me Razor to his face that will give him a buck fifty Hold that I bust my gun nigga & sold crack Dior kicks for the drip cost me a whole rack All these rappers bitch real shit & they flow wack Kill em on a Thursday then make em a throw back you know that I Just went and copped a wip Then i put 6 on some jewelry Turned around and copped another wip Like theres two of me I'm looking like a caught a lick but bitch This ain't new to me And I walk around the strip Like ain't shit they gon do to me All white off white red stripes 2 guns 4 clips red lights 1 night two chicks head twice In the hood you know the good die young So respect life I'm dead nice Since a yougin they couldn't fuck wit me Cross town Nigga fronted he caught a buck 50 Dumb nigga Did some shit you couldn't make up Couldn't catch em during lock in So i hit em on the wake up What your mans thought And i kept the grip in the Jansport Ot flipping Half of bricks not a gram short OGs taught me how to wip it and transport It ain't about the money my nigga It's what you stand for GEMS

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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