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F/ Cypress Hill (Intro: *bell ringing*) Good evening ladies and gentlemen This is your main event of the evening (PMD) Yeah, check it, one time, one time, one time PMD and B-Real, Cypress Hill, Hit Squad Yeah, you niggas know the deal Check it, check it, comin′ through, uh, Hit Squad (PMD) Sirens blare, niggas wildin' out over chairs The men here, so sealable doors, so stand clear Breath takin′, niggas rollin' up with the gat shakin' No puss here, brothers sadly mistaken The chains breakin′, back to check the rules you fakin′ That's violation, like a Muslim eatin′ bacon Much got the beat breakin', faggots niggas instigatin′ I'm runnin′ with the law while you triple six in your Satan Comin' in blastin', with no maskin′, niggas askin′ "How he lastin'?" Jewels, with the tool flashin′ Blacked out now I'm lacked in, I′ma second win More oxygen, niggas on my jock again (B-Real) Runnin' with the PMD, universal, no rehearsal Controversial, no commercial All rough and rugged, you buckin′ off at the straight thuggin' Audio thumpin' and head bumpin′ Motherfuckers wanna hear somethin′, CD's jumpin′ Thumpin' the ground all of a sudden In the mist of the smoke I shut it - all competition Set the condition to submission From the contact I′m sparkin' at brain cells Through songs and magazines and through the e-mail I′m worldwide, six side, killafornia highs No time, define, no wolfs, we need the blind To the slaughter, I'm baptizin' you through the water Pure hip-hop and D makes you grow like weed, proceed That′s right, Soul Assassins, the Hit Squad, Cypress Hill All up in your dome piece (Outro: PMD) ...keep the house bumpin′, we be the champions Get the announcements, keep the whole house bumpin' You want somethin′, we the champions Keep the house thumpin', get announcements Let them know that you won bitch, we be the champions We be the champions, we be the champions (*bell rings twice*)

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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