Mick Jenkins

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Everybody want to float when the boat rock We keep it organic I get it straight from the grow-op

See the fire in his eye like a stove top I don't know no op Why we can't co-op And disarm minds 'fore they blow up Hold up let unleavened bread get broke up We got plenty water we could pour up I know that you parched They try to say you dumb But I know that you smart See we all just victims Of trying to staying straight in the system Made to twist him like kinky weaves in '05 And this shit is still fucking up my hedges Please don't get to fucking with the message It's a lecture you about to learn a lesson I suggest you get to praying for a blessing I'm about to sneeze Branch out like a tree without the leaves Know that you witnessed the fall Better know that the boat is gonna rock Better know that I'm risking it all Know that this ain't just a ball Better know I dropped outta college And spoke at DePaul The one they poked fun at Know that my picture's been focusing Some ain't got focused at all Watch the waves fall Watch how I run it Cause I ain't got time for the bullshit Know that I do it for free And they say time is money Know that I do it for free And they claim time is money Back porch sippin We were right off 62nd with the squad And my nigga, that my brethren Better know its Chi town We just making hella noise Feel them boys What you want Better know that We them boys We them boys South side rolling King Drive Sunbeams in my eye Got the beam on the scope Just might find you with the light Hit this truth Better know I roll it right Roll it right

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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