LetraThe Gloomy Bloom

Magic Mailbox

Última actualización realizada el: 24 de abril de 2020
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#together against coronavirus

Found alittle spot in the gloomy bloom It's never too bright and we'll be there soon You'd be surprised by what it's like

When you can see what's right Without the sun in your eyes We want a place to call our own A place that we call home Never far to stray never long to roam Until we're back And we're staying in tune We can close the blinds Stop take off right for the moon You should see the view Come up we'll make some room Not gone for long Not back any time soon Break the trip Power down the ship And set the faders back to easy A new place to waste away Where the fresh air flows for free In the gloomy bloom where the breeze blows the trees We'll hang around atleast awhile Until it's time to leave

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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