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#together against coronavirus

Look say lil mama want some love But I told lil baby I don't give a fuck Thought you had one bitch well you is out of luck

Baby I can't fuck with you I can't be stuck Cause lately I ain't gave a fuck I got a bad bitch that been trying to give it up It been that sav shit yea im trying to stick you up Don't watch my back bitch yea I keep that glitzy tucked Lately I ain't gave a fuck about no shit you had to say Baby you been out of luck I guess today just ain't your day I ain't trying to hear you talk bitch I don't want sit in your face Play stupid games win stupid prizes take that bitch hip hip hooray I got that torch a bitch get burnt I got the Henn up in the car like let's get turnt Them bitches thought I was a star I guess she learned I could get down and gritty I don't know my worth I swear that im gon' smoke this gas yea I got a redbone bitch I smack her on her ass yea And when I'm done I throw that hoe up in the trash yea I know that lil bitch just want me because my cash yea Because my bags yea Four-four on my hip I call it my lil banger Keep her on my side and I keep on up in the chamber Lately I ain't care so tell these hoes that they in danger Take her beat that pussy she call me a power ranger Mind been on the money she want me Monday through Sunday Have lil mama running put that dick all in her stomach Hit her then she gone sent that lil bitch home She gon' call my phone and every time she get the tone Cause lately I ain't gave a fuck I got a bad bitch that want give that pussy up I been a savage girl ain't trying to give you love But you could have dick all inside this Bently truck Spin that Bently truck you give me dome while in the front seat Suck that dick real slowly til I come then swallow all of me Baby when im done girl please don't call and please don't follow me Know that dick was good but baby you can't have it all for free Cause baby I am not your man I got a bitch but you see I don't give a damn I'll still drop dick all way deep inside of your pants I'll have you shaking look ma do it with no hands I swear lil shawty want a rush I'm gon' put a Percy all inside her butt She asked me why I say lil shawty it's a must I'm gon' dip right after baby make me bust Cause lately I ain't gave no fucks She dropped her panties and I told her pull them up I got some Fanta pour my dreams into this cup She ask me why I say I don't care about nothing Don't give a fuck

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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