LetraIgnition, Parts VI-IX

Leon Song

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I am a forced observer who doesn′t have a mouth, who is imprisoned in his flesh I have to watch what he watches through his eyes, have to feel what he feels through his skin, have to think what he thinks through his head Since he lost himself, and wandering in nowhere,

I became no-one, which doesn't exist like a walnut without a nut and a shell But I am still whom knows what will happen and remembers what he will forget Any of these cannot be rued ′Cause these are not what we chose I've got memories which are not from me I've got two roommates named wrath and sloth I′ve got an empty space of wasted juvenescence And I′ve got an evil god who doesn't want me to feel better Like a sigh before the first fall, Like these unstoppable high-pitched tears I am stepping out to the last door But Is this an exit, or another entrance? The last door he walked through was the first entrance to begin the past While the infant still cries, because he doesn′t know how to stop dying Unwanted, inevitable his one-way trip can never be arrived. It's prearranged and repeats itself Empty voice after you whispers as if itself is myself Now i am being you One and only way to end this war Every move cannot be undone, like I can never be unborn Do I even exist? That man singing, that′s not me That man singing, that's not me That man singing, that′s not me

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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