LetraTaking U High


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Get mystified by the way you see us fuckin′ fly You cry, you die, when the smoke get trough your eye Respect like brotha, all in togetha, we stay on the top like the arc of noah see us in vernacular no i think not Coz all you do is watch tv and smoke pot We spot, everything is like a big dot Di di di dot dot who's hot Di di di dot dot who′s not Kill you on the stage like de niro Burn you in inferno and survived like desperado One family, not enemy, peace and unity, can you love me Can't bring us down We are the sound of the new age Open the gates of heaven Here come's the sound, here come′s the rhyme Here come′s the rhyme What, well listen carefully, you know if i were you I'd go to my room with the bass with the zoooom Zoooom is the king, yo whatever you call it Unless you wanna sting coz my brother′s gonna sing And don't forget to say cheese Goin′ down to rest in peace If you wanna feel fine let me go boy I'm down to the ground with the sound of the hound Let me just say what′s up mr. P.i.g. The evil clown is comin' Slapshock slap it up, pack it up, whack it up That's about it now we′re down to the hop Slappin′ it up for the west coast stuff Should we trust no one We're taking u high Come and see the sky Come on let′s fly Come and see the sky I can't hear, now wipe, your tears I don′t wanna hear you say A word, to me Slapshock cock and aim that 9mm glock at a flock of muthafuckaz Waiting to be shot in their hearts so start the execution Are you ready for some action Livin' in addiction guaranteed satisfaction Cheese whiz! The rattlesnake with the killa kiss, killa kiss Bringing you the music just like this Boom! Hit you like zoooom Winning all the battle against the villain dr. Doom They′ll lock you up in room, takin' all that gloon The houndz with tha killah sound blastin' you pound for pound Just like ali knockin′ you down on the first round Putting you 6 feet underground We′re taking u high Come and see the sky Come on let's fly Come and see the sky I can′t hear, now wipe, your tears I don't wanna hear you say A word, to me

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