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I clock in when they hand me the mic and I rage I clock out and they hand me my check right off stage Like okay

You say your life cool but you lie We never have school nights, its always July Break Swishers down daily I pack then lick it Hit up after parties and get paid to kick it Go home with some girlies See if their with it Don't lie, if you had a choice too, you would pick it This job is the coolest thought that y'all knew this So young and ambitious, stay hungry and foolish, word R.I.P Steve, those words are the truest I put see the whole world up on my to-do list Im in love with this life theres no stopping no option I'm so high ill ask Mary Poppins whats poppin? Fly city to city touch down & drop in I'm selling like hotcakes You fuckers are flopping I smoke pot a whole lot My buzz is so hot I think I'm on my way but haters hope not I don't care what you say, I'm killing shit today Roll two jays and chill my elevens are cool grey I'm Pujols on deck with bases loaded up When I spaz I go in yes sir I'm dope as fuck They slept on me forever then I woke them up Let me get in my zone Pandoras box just opened up, oh shit

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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