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Final War

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He took the reins of power in 1933 The appointed deputy fuhrer of the N.S.D.A.P. This is the story of Rudolf Hess, a brave and loyal man

Gave his life for his beliefs because he loved his land On that night of May 10th in 1941 He boarded an Me-110, for his mission had just begun Destination-Scotland, the Duke of Hamilton he must seek But what was to unfold from this emissary of peace? Sieg Heil-Rudolf Hess, your legacy lives on Your courage and your honour keeps us marching strong Sieg Heil-Rudolf Hess, amongst the gods you lie You live on in Valhalla, ′cause true heroes never die Imprisoned, for his proposal of peace An attempt at white unity so the brother's war would cease Held as a private prisoner for the duration of the war Until October 1945 when the trial hit the floor Hess was found guilty of crimes against peace Sentenced to a life in hell for fighting for his beliefs Then for the next 40 years he′d rot in a Spandau cell 'Cause he tried to end the war, they sentenced him to hell Now stripped of his identity and left to rot away No longer known as Rudolf Hess number 7 his new name Until in 1987 on August 17 when Hess began his journey into eternal sleep Your gone but not forgotten you live in our hearts and minds What you have done to save your race sends chills down my spine Now every year on the 17th we fly our flags up high And salute in remembrance a true martyr of our time...

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