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Whoa, time can stop but I′m still getting old Run around the parks we used to sit and watch the sunsets Now you're getting undressed

Am I the only one who thinks that somethings wrong with love these days? I used to love these days But now I′m in a different place Reflecting we don't resonate Is friendship not enough to save us? Is friendship not enough to save I'm kinda done now I′ll call you in month when I feel less like I′m a let down Less like I'm a burden More like I′m a virgin Sacrifice my soul for thrills that only leave me hurting In the morning I'll be better But you′re sheltered And we're different So whatever Living a life for loss Tryna be with you but what is the cost Who would I be if I did cut you off You′re who I love and it's shitty But you'll never resonate with me Whoa You′ll never (whoa) You′ll never resonate (whoa) Resonate I'm not who I used to be So I never know how to think about you and me Things that we still got in common like two or three Already know you′ll have problems with truth I speak (Uh) But I guess that's the chance I take I figured out it′s not fated, it's what we make I could tell you how to live but it′s not my place I gotta go cause it's better for both our sakes (Uh) So tell me how am I supposed to behave Knowing that we're never gon′ be the same You wanted comfort and I wanted change It′s probably best if we go separate ways I know what you're thinking, this isn′t a phase It's pissing me off I′ve got all these delays You're holding me back or you′re coming my way Really don't know what you want me to say Through all the struggle Through all the pain You're not relating to who I became Wish I could tell you that I feel the same But I′m just not like you, I don′t feel ashamed Don't get it twisted, there′s no one to blame Life can be funny, it feels like I'm losing a part of myself if I go or I stay Wish I had someone to show me the way But we don′t resonate No we don't resonate Oh we don′t resonate We don't (Uh) We don't reason (Uh)

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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