LetraHigh (feat. Macjreyz)

Dozzy Ross, Macjreyz

Última actualización realizada el: 18 de mayo de 2020
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#together against coronavirus

'Wah gwaan' In the jungle Many men act like they Rambo

Everybody acting like they know What do they know (Oh no no no no) I don pull up inna legedese Benz If you don't preach money no sense Where's your conscience Mehn you gat it looking undressed Prolly look like you crossed your fence I see the naked truth before it's undressed Mirror mirror on the wall Who the baddest of them all E be macjreyz Sneaking out she tip toe like an athlete Mehn I make your girl act like an actress I been sitting on a low now I'm coming for the high No look uche for face different from when you shine your eyes I keep it one hun like a rhino pon my grind Like a rhino pon my grind Gbe body Gbese Hustle up for the Gbe body Gbese Grind on for the pepper Gbe body Gbese And I got no chill chill chill I no Dey hear pim pim pim Got a lot to spill spill spill Just so you know how I feel feel feel And I'm focused on my account being bogus No more intro coz they know us Fvck sh*t up when we pull up Dem Dey look us, be like dem wan shook us Coz your girl like a fly she all up on my sh!t Custom made so differently I fit Looking like jet li with the fly kicks Nike, yeezy dah be the latest Real janster no man can detest

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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