LetraExpress Yourself

Charles Wright

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Express yourself Express yourself

You don't ever need help from nobody else All you got to do now Express yourself Whatever you do, uh Do it good, uh Whatever you do, do, do, Lord, Lord Do it good, all right, oh yeah It's not what you look like When you're doin', what you're doin' It's what you're doin', when you're doin' What you look like you're doin' Express yourself Express yourself They're doin' it on the moon, y'all, uh In the jungle too, uh, everybody on the floor now, uh Jumpin' like a kangaroo So let the horns do the thing they do, y'all, uh Some people have everything And other people don't But everything don't mean a thing If it ain't the thing you want Express yourself, uh Express yourself Oh, do it, oh, do it Do it to it, go on and do it Y'all, do it, give Express yourself Express yourself Uh, do it Do it Do it, ow, yeah, uh Express yourself, uh Express yourself, uh Express yourself, uh Express yourself, express yourself, express yourself, express yourself, uh, woo Lord, uh, hey, ow, ow Express yourself, uh, express yourself, uh, express yourself

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