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Blue Eyed Devils

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As we march down to town Death to the ones from the underground All I hear is victory's call

My nation's honour rising above all I regret nothing that I've done I've seen so many through the sights of my gun But to kill for the Reich is my job A soldier in my nations murder squad [Refrain:] My orders are simple, plain and clear Murder on command and have no fear In my heart I know what's right To do what I must for my nation's fight Traitors are hung and others shot dead Kill the Jew and cut of his head Destroy the enemy and his lies Send the filth to an early demise It's the same routine day to day Murder anyone who gets in our way A cleansing wind throughout this land The final solution, the final stand [Refrain] Blut und ehre, daran glaube ich Einzatsgruppen, tod fur dick Zu meinen Fuhrer habe ich gegeben Gegen mein ganzes leben Sieg Heil! [Refrain]

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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