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Aydin Matanane

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Human sacrifice, you can′t look at greatness The beast has awakened, I know god watch over me under these lights Noches de frio, too many cold nights

Act polite, keep shii sweet like Suge Knight And I get destructive at night because of you So I construct raps to keep myself together Like I said, we don't want backstabs, we want raps Watch that money collapse Then relapse into another lap of one hundreds I know a thing or two about these racks, I keep track Upon my fist it′s black, too much Fwubing sunlight I had enough of that, Black crab And I admit, attention is what I lack, but you don't listen So what's the point of communication when you don′t communicate You just fornicate with the idea of Fanta Asia′ As I create the land of Fantasia Out the palm of my hand, gods plan Lays in the palm of my hand, boom her sooner Napalm, turn the town red, red, red

No hay traducciones disponiblesNo hay traducciones disponibles
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