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You know I ride with the gang I′m dropping the top, playing my music, she said she want give me the brain Go head baby, go take my soul, I can't even stay in the lane

Rocking the ksubi the jeans, and I had to go helmut the lang Pull up right in a scat Then I disappear, I′m out the back Throwing the ones, she throwing it back Pockets obese, yea my pockets on fat Come to my room, baby give me the cat You wasting my time, I'm not with all the cap Baby pull up, yea you know where I'm at The second I′m gone, I′m not coming back Two hunnid the dash, I'm on my way I′m on my way to your crib And my hands falling off the steering wheel Baby you know how you make me feel Anything for you, I swear I would kill Riding round town in a foreign I popped a two plus two that's four She giving me head bright early in the morning Pop me a thirty on top I′m souring You so special, these other girls boring I wanna take you with me when I'm touring Need all of your love, baby I′m for it Hellcat track mode, push it Ima floor it So special I wanna take you with me I wanna take you with me I wanna take you with me So special So special Hellcat track mode, push it Ima floor it

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