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What if I stayed What if you held me today What if you killed

All the times we′ve been broken Repair while I stay And it's ok If mornings are never the same As long as you′re here And you say There's nothing wrong Oh, killing my soul And oh, breaking my bones Oh, killing my soul And oh, breaking my bones Nobody ever looked at me in the way you do Guess that the time has come even for us two Every moment that we shared Just a flicker in your head Just some words you cannot share But I held on to every single word you'd say To every single song you′d play Or the mess you′d make when you're gone And you moved on Like we were nothing like we were Some kinda joke It was not It was not It was not Stay for the night and evermore Babe don′t you ever let me go You've been killing my soul And breaking my bones But I I forgive you

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