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I′m travelling through space, and unravelling the ways Of why and how I'm gonna get the fuck out of this place Called the earth

′Cause ever since my birth I've never been the second, but I've always been the third And every minute passed I′m just looking at the sky, got my life going real fast And I′m wondering why Hours pass by, yeah, with motion blur Time freeze in this timeline I really would prefer The days just repeat and everything that ever has occurred Life is a loop and it started last Thursday Last week I was out celebrating my first birthday And maybe live another month before I go out in the worst way I used to live a good life, now I just lie I used to live a good life, now I just lie Hey little one, I know that you're beautiful A mineral filled with glitter and some bitter falls Way to go, is what I wanted to be told I got some stories where my sorries are a little old And that is fine nobody wanted to be dyed When their side was painted with the colours of the pride and I Remember when the desert was nice The sea was giving me advice on how to live on thin ice Hugged and kissed by the big blue skies Great times My mother Gaia had caressed my dirty eyes, she Made it clear that I was made sincere When all I feared that I faked being here, I hated here Held me near to the core of the atmosphere Dissolved quickly faded into soil souvenir motherfucker I used to live a good life, now I just lie I used to live a good life, now I just lie

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