Yana Mari

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 15. März 2020
#together against coronavirus

Day to day, what's new Could you think to Give yourself a break, a break

Wish I knew, I had no clue It would leave me black and blue Black and blue Graced more than five stages, it's a soft illusion Learn to maintain cool, avoid confusion Reminiscent feeling, blank gaze at the ceiling Left in a daze ten different ways Day by day, it fades away Words I left unsaid, lingers in my head Circles down the drain Circles down the drain Drawing the curtain doesn't hide a silhouette It's hard to relate because I haven't been you yet The day after today Aches for meaning fade away Clock ticks with no delay Balance the weight of serenity and clarity Live a little, try to learn a lot Give a little of whatever you've got, you've got Follow your voice, unless it's shaky To the middle of wherever you are, you are Take a little time to reflect Take a little time to shine Take a little time to reflect Take a little time to shine

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