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#together against coronavirus

The virtual curves of a psychical world And y'all bitches can't seem to be any concerned Fucked up again, I'm not meant to be heard

Do not want to believe, all I want is your word You won't get anything you don't deserve You need killer instinct to give you all the nerve Don't pay no tribute to king that you serve Cause I betcha that crown he wears isn't deserved Eye for an eye bitch ill leave ya blind (oh, nono) Kami got problems that ain't gon subside Need something strong to distract my mind Night after night I wonder what you think you will find in me. Kamikaze got no glee Hide my face in a mask then flee Fuck y'all bitches, make me scared to be myself Y'all got remorse to some degree? I doubt it Fuck a killing spree There's a special place in hell for people who forces down knees RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN! Before I take a bat to yo clique RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN! Slice with blade, that'll do the trick Slice with blade, that'll do the trick Damn, that was dark as fuck Kamikaze with the roddy watch him catching bodies A year later rapping like it wasn't ever exotic See the strip lights at 15, repping Bacardi Only lifestyle was flying jets, uh, the finale Was too cool for school I always left the party early Was a special type of person you'd see at the Stirling Swerving at the pool, oh he makes somebody worth it Like the type of conversation you'd be tatted hurtless See your pockets full of lies like all my verses Couple bottles in, and all your money's worthless I steal all your shit, like I always lived suburban Asking don't hit me up, cause, "My mind is hurting" And my hearse is in it Watch the curtains finish Watch yo back, uh, cause we imburse the quickest Checking that, while, you aren't working with it Take me back to the days I had to batshit Back to hell Back to hell I'll drag you down Drag you down All the bodies on the steps I won't settle for less The fucks with all this stress Why you in distress Whisper in your ear There's nothing to fear I'll be over quick Clicked like the clip switch Switch like the beat did Snap like my psyche Back on my bullshit There's no end to this All the shit I did? No cap and that's the facts I really ain't no bitch But I got a mean bite Hellhound trying to fight I don't need no sight Smell your fear that's right Bring your ass to hell That's the deal I sell Like a demon there's no out I'mma drag you down 666 feet underground Back to hell, back to hell There's no way out, no way out I'll drag you down, drag you down Drag you down, back to hell

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