SongtexteCan't be Stopped

Wiz Khalifa

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Uh, I'mma tell you that you not my competition I'mma always win, throw me in and I'm going in I ain't running, I'mma come until you leave I'm 'bout to get it, talk about it 'cause I really live it On them nights on a mission, no fear, no hope in my vision Don't need no intervention, you ain't down to rider And even if you was I come out, point 'em out, they all gon' be missing Wonder why I'm still here act a fool if you met me (act a fool if you met me) You try to be brave and step up with you crew it's too scary Plus I'm too legendary, It's what we go hard for I'm rocking your block, you on top you get knocked off I'm taking your place yeah, I'll make it my property Maybe again you probably sold your whole life for me It's only right for me, annihilate a million, I'm aware of sight Keep 'em up off of me, a weakness in you only make an appetite Anytime I get into it I be looking at them Looking pitiful and their condition it be critical, nothing less than original Cross me once that's the end of you - who's next?

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