SongtexteCabaret Songs: Amor

William Bolcom

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It wasn't the policeman's fault in all the traffic roar Instead of shouting "Halt!" when he saw me he shouted, "Amor, Amor, Amor, Amor."

Even the icecream man (free icecreams by the score) Instead of shouting butter pecan one look at me, He shouted, "Amor, Amor, Amor!" All over town it went that way. Everybody took off the day. Even philosophers understood how good was the good 'cuz I looked so good! The poor stoped taking less. The rich stopped needing more. Instead of saying "no" and "yes", Both looking at me shouted "Amor!" My stay in town was cut short. I as dragged to court. The judge said I disturbed the peace and the jury gave him what for! The judge raised his hand and instead of desist and cease, Judgie came to the stand, took my hand and whispered, "Amor, Amor, Amor, Amor!" Night was turning into day, I walked alone away. (Never see that town again.) But as I passed the churchhouse door Instead of singing "Amen" The choir was singing, "Amor, Amor, Amor, Amor!"

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