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People make me cry A solitude that breaks my mind The world is full of faces If I could see them I′d survive It's not too easy, but I′ll try to find myself in a place In this world if I confide in the human race Living this life each one so alone All these human faces they float in isolated zones I wanna live but they want me to die I wanna get the best of myself They only want me to lie I gotta get the best of myself But they only want me to lie My love, hate and my loneliness And my fevered fearless life Mine is but a sole disgrace They all combine in their hate to split my mind A thousand men in a thousand minds A thousand freedoms will deny They make a pact to spread it wide With the sightless laws and groping eyes Birds of prey a man must hide Dreams of freedom fade away Man sleeps all night and slaves all day They only want me to lie Remind me the modern life Of my love take from my heart All of my life I lived a lie Most of my life I know I have Pains of thousand weary souls Men of a thousand wasted times A thousand lifetimes will he die? Men walks himself forever free Love of a thousand wilted days Men of a thousand shambled ways Man for himself a man must be Starved for himself forever free A thousand men a thousand mines A thousand lifetimes will he die? They make a pact and kill the life They make a pact and kill the scribe

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