SongtexteCold cage freedom

Vodka Juniors

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"This is our life one show at a time Only proof I′m alive is the blood on the mic And despite all the pain and the late nights

I'd never change anything, never change nothing There′s something more than music Something raw this dirty connection And if you don't believe I got scars to prove it If you don't believe come join a session Addicted to the road One thing I have come to know I count my age in miles not years And I got thousands more to go I feed my soul with smiles and tears And I remember every show every Night every face every distant place I′d do it all again whatever it takes Melting with the sound to the ground like liquid And sleep can wait for a date and a drink with Death and myself I′m ready to live Without the music its hard to breathe So I lay back and tune my weapons to Hijack the sound of the neighborhood This stage is going down tonight This is our life one show at a time Give me a shout I'm good to go I don′t need no crowd I'm good to go A glow in your eyes and I′m good to go I don't need no lights I′m good to go Give me some bass I'm good to go I don't need no stage I′m good to go One more round and I can see the sun Group therapy session one Can anyone hear me, am I invisible? Cause I′m screaming my heart out tonight all night Can anyone see me I'm soaked in anxious sweat Alone in my kingdom, my gold cage freedom..."

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