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#together against coronavirus

Witness my almighty power As I make you want to kill yourselves

You all will face your final judgment I'll make you know your gods are here My appearance takes the form of your greatest fear What will you do now that your end is near How will you look away and continue to live with yourselves As I make you all die This is omnicide (Omnicide omnicide omnicide omnicide) No I don't want you to die No I need you to feel my power Now you may try to hide but your species will fade away As the world comes to an end I watch as your humanity is raped from existence You thought you all would survive, but this is my world This is the end I built this world I'll watch it burn in fear And this world will burn because I will use my power to ignite the ashes And no one will see what I have done to the world Cause I will wipe you all from existence Omnicide omnicide omnicide omnicide

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