Upper West, Sarah Solovay

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1: Upper West] Let it fall, Let it fall on you Let it replace all the lies with truth

Let it just rain on everything To erase that pain you been through Hey girl, how you holdin′ up Whatchu been hopin' for She replies that she wish the sky would open up and start to pour Said I′m sick of feeling dead When I know that suns up in the clouds I want the heavens to act just like how I'm feeling now So let that rain come down And wash my sorrows clean I need some help right now Cuz I don't know what tomorrow brings This what I′m talkin′ bout Rain falls and my thoughts come out But they filled with demons I just wanna block 'em out and stop the draught Thats why I need you now Right, now more than ever Just grant me something Like the power to control the weather I′ve been like this forever But they tell me I can change Its just inside my brain that every time I cry it rains I'm bout to go insane My fires turned to ashes I′m lying face-down on my mattress Heaven don't send acid Send me rainfall Just let the water come down on me And every day I pray For rainfall Im hoping that you′ll set me free 2: Upper West] The lies or believing what you knows not true What hurts more I got through When the sun shines baby I got blue I have no control over what I do Rainfall, everything else so painful Drops so hard like paintballs But I love how it feels So I pray all day That you will send a flood from the sky This night when it goes dark Let it wash away all hate here But I live even though I got no arc Yeah so caught up in feeling good that I'm feeling awful And my mind is so damn crowded You could say I'm thoughtful See hindsights always 20/20 perfect vision I can′t forget all my regrets and so I stay up wishing For downpour, shower storms, and cloud bursts But before I′m washed away I just wanna make you proud first Sarah Solovay] Oh, oh oh Oh, oh oh Oh, oh oh

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