Tyler Clark, Veela

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She′s got a lot on her mind It comes out sometimes Never in her home,

They all think she's fine She stays outside It′s hard for her Feels like she's wasting time But it's enough When she′s all alone Lies back in the grass With the dew on her coat You′re not awake when you really do it You're not awake when you see the night So hold it off ′til you step into it Your world of dreams will open your eyes To the skies And silence ... When her heavy breath stops She undoes her mind Eyelids relaxing open She lets her weary eyes drop to her sides And lets the stars be her guide To that place inside Where she never cries Sparkling white They all have names She knows them in her heart As it's hardening She′s got the maps in her brain They never fall apart The lights are all Stunning She's found her refuge here Up in the atmosphere Telescope and watch what she never fears Through angry tears Of silence ...

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