Ty Dolla $ign

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Is this is where our story ends Or is it where it begins? The fact that we can′t be friends, it's so unfortunate

Leaving it all behind 2022, ooh 2022, ooh It′s so unfortunate We can't get it back, back It's just too late to repair All this hate in the air And I know that life ain′t fair For you to leave me, yeah, yeah, yeah 2022, oh, oh 2022, oh, whoa And it′s all unfortunate You left me in 2022, ooh 2022, 20-20-20-20-20, 2022 Leaving our memories in 2022, ooh I thought, thought it would be me and you But my mama, my mama, my mama knew 2023, I'd be with someone new Ooh-ooh, aye It′ll all be okay at the end of the day (yeah, yeah, yeah) 'Cause we′re both fortunate We grew up in 2022, ooh, ooh 20-20-20, 2022, 2022

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