SongtexteOn Top of the World#2

Tony Peek

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 11. September 2020
#together against coronavirus

I feel like I'm on top of the world And I'd like to share it with you We've got so much time on our hands

What would you like to do? We could both go for a little walk A stroll down by the sea Or maybe we should just stay at home And watch something good on TV I went into town this afternoon And everything felt so weird The streets and the buildings were all the same But the people they'd disappeared I walked round for an hour or two Until my feet they started to ache Maybe I should just stay at home And wait for the fever to break What's it gonna be like in a year or two When we look back on all of this Will French and the Italians still greet each other With a friendly hug and a kiss And what about you and me Will we still meet at Mr Bean Or will we both stay home on our own With a brand new coffee machine I've got a feeling that something's gone That should not have been displaced But hopefully I'm wrong and before too long Things will all be back in their place But I'm not sure it's that easy For things to be like before And maybe we'll all be asked to stay at home For ever and ever more

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