SongtexteConjure Woman

Tony Joe White

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White On a very hot and moonlit night

In the glow of a campfire An old woman was mumblin′ strange words And the flame was jumpin' higher Lawd, Lawd, Lawd she cried If only I had a piece of a bad sign Some people called her a conjure woman It was said she cast a bad spell Others said she was a witch She′d chunk you in a deep dark well All along the river You could hear her soulful howl If only I had the tongue of a hoot owl Conjure woman, conjure woman Conjure woman don't put no spell on me Conjure woman stay away from me Mmm, mmm, uh She cried out in anguish In the swamp where she stayed so long And clutched the moss to her barren BReast Her need for company was strong Lawd, Lawd, Lawd she said If only I had the tooth of a crawdad Conjure woman, conjure woman, conjure woman Conjure woman, conjure woman, conjure woman Conjure wohuhu, conjure woman Lord, don't you put no bad spell on me!

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