SongtexteTo Whom It May Concern

Tony G, Pisto

Letzte Aktualisierung am: 21. März 2020
#together against coronavirus

This one goes out to whom it may concern You said you needed time Tell me, baby, have you learned?

I had this little feeling Since the day that I found you But I'd rather live alone If I'm living without you I'm incomplete Missing piece to my puzzle I can't tell if its real Or if it's me in a bubble Remember all the times Kissing me when we cuddle? Now you got me shedding tears Dripping deep in a puddle Deep in my mind, I hear your echoes It's really hard for me to let go Give me a sign Should I continue to try? I don't know Maybe I just need a tissue to dry A rainy day, thunder and lightning All I think about is us. I wonder, its frightening I can't even think straight When these rumors surround me I just wanna hold your hand But you won't allow me You left my heart Broken, how could we fail? Sniffing white lines Smoking, how the weed smells I even tried scoping out the females Swimming in alcohol Hoping I could feel well I guess it's not the way it's suppose to be I still miss when you were close to me You had my heart Had to pull it from your hand in time Now here's a bullet for my valentine It's so hard to see how You're not part of me now Now my heart's Filled with scars Don't bother me now No longer calling me. How? You're so far from me now Got me sitting in my room So dark, feeling down Lets take it back Before we drifted away When you're wrapped around my arm As I'm gripping the grain Before we realized Time was ticking away When you didn't let go As we kissed in the rain It's never been so clear before That maybe it's better If you're here no more I don't wanna die lonely How it hurts to write this letter Sincerely, yours

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