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Todrick Hall

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Little town, it's a quiet village, everyday like the one before, little town full of village people, waking up to say. Yes gad Work Betchh

Yas twirl, the howston, buuuutch. There are the gogos with cakes like alway. The same old thirsty clientele. Every morning just the same, since the morning that we came, to this (broke back) mountain town. Good morning Belle! Good morning Ru! Where's that shang off to? To the book shop! I just finished the most wonderful pride festival with glitter, and ribbons! That's nice. Pit crew! Grab my wigs. Hurry up ugh. She's serving House on the Praire realness. That poly and a ponytail, ugh What a crusty shade of blue And that apron is just Ew She really is a basic queen, Miss Belle. Nu Uh miss thing girl bye felicia. No T, no shade girl boom girl bye whop. I need six weaves Just get extensions! There must be more than yassss girl getcho life!! Yaaaaaaaas! Hi Adam, hi Steve! I've come to return the book I borrowed! Yaas. Have you got anything new? Yas. Oh thank you this is perfect it's my favorite! Can I keep it? Yaas. Oh thank you, thank you very much! Yaaaaass. I've heard she's got a thing for beast and gerbils. I heard she used to be a maaale. Goly how down into peer, i'm just looking for a beard. Cuz she really is a basic fish mrs belle. Ohhhh isn't this amazing, It's so grand to be LGBT Hereee everyone's embracing and they're out here fighting for their rights to just be free. Miss boo boo kitty is a mess no question I think she's stuck in Arendale. Dont i know you from the gym? im just asking for a friend. But she really is a basic fish A bargain, busted basic fish She really is a basic fish Miss Belle. Waddup Belle? hehehe hi gurl Hi! You looking fly Uh just wanted to know if you wanted we maybe haung out sometime. No thanks Leslie We could freeze each other bras like we did when we were little Yeah we never did that. No thank you. I mean you and i did'nt do it but yeah ... we could I'm busy but thank you No? Ok. Right from the moment you were by home depo I nearly almost broke a nail. All I takes is 1 phone call we can get a big U haul you can come with me to all my soft ball gamesssss. Look there, she goes! Isn't she handsome?! That hair, buff calfs, those burgand socks. Two cats, Two pets, two solid, man buns. Shes such a studly beefy grizzly tucK. Sashay? kiki, thats me! Dot com, the kids are gawking. Troubles, hunti, shantae, yas yas yas yas. New power tools, Gaga, Beyonce, Madonna! Shes giving Body. There must be more than "Yas girl getcho life!" In thirty-seven states you can be my wife! Miss "Cookie Tookie" honey lesbionest, I think I smell a fake Chanel! Cuz she's hashtag team too much she's got a basket for a clutch. Cuz she really is a basic fish, a bargain busted basic fish, she really is a basic fiiiiiiiish. Miss Beeelleeee! Hey Queen! Yas gad! Yas Twirl! WORK! Glozell - is you still on the street? fo real? Get out the street! Hefa! The hell dem bootss on twerk hahahaha yassssssss

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