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Shit gets cracking bottles of roni′ Black and whites they gon' strike Del Piero and Luca Toni

So I stay up in my room Out of loop so they don′t know me But here we go again In my mood,I'm feeling lonely In my bag So honestly I feel bad for Amy and Jodie I listened to what they told me When kicking back with the homies Got my head up in the clouds And your boyfriends a bitch He got his head up in your gown (Man I dont know) And I wake with up a frown Feeling like I made no fucking progress Cah my mission is to make it out the town They be looking at me differently becah' a niggas brown And no bitches getting inna′ me The real in me is proud And my friends are all cool But one turned into a mouse And all problems were in-house My scars didn′t come from enemies Pain gained but straight face He's living off the Hennessey (This niggas just been living off the Hennessey) I′m calling this Bianconeri I'm Spitting but they wont hear me Me missing then nigga rarely With Winston and Sam they′re near me Writing to myself so nigga,dear me And in theory I level up severely and that's yearly (Grah)

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