SongtexteIt's a Fight

Three 6 Mafia

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Yeah Yeah We ain′t playin' wit cha

We ain′t playin' wit cha Step yo ass up What chu wanna do Get yo ass knocked down What chu wanna do Get ready What chu wanna do Three six mafia... mafia Let's go (wassup) Yeah We ain′t playin′ wit cha It's goin′ down It's goin′ down (screams) We gon hit em wit da left, hit em wit da right We gon hit em wit da left, hit em wit da right It's a fight it′s a fight head bust 'em head bust 'em It′s a fight it′s a fight head bust 'em head bust ′em See I'm the king of the ring ring Ring the bell and I′m comin out swing swing Swingin' left swingin′ right till they ding ding He hit da ground bounce up like a spring spring Hit em again now like a birdie start to sing sing Bright lights cameras flashing like bling bling He started seeing things now I got em heads and knees On the floor crawl up to the corner crying I'm the man there's no defeating The ground you will be eating I′m ready sharp non stop this is easy Put em out da game like his name is Milli Vanilli Here we go again wit these cowards that be haters Jealous of da three six cause we gettin our paper We′ll whoop yo ass thought you knew we don't care about Noise talkin′ fools get yo denture teeth knocked out We don't be playin when it come to handlin business Hit cha we dat one hitter quitter solid fistes And we take your corners and we shutting down your trap spot Kickin down yo door and we stomp you like a jauggernaught Call the police when you hear that we comin through Eyes stay red from the liqour and the zuzus We′ll beat ya down anybody wanna step up Better say yo prayers you gon get yo face messed up Fade Out

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