SongtexteOne Hip Shaking

The Wyrd Sisters

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First there was the ring of empty silence And I quivered like a nerve lay naked Til you found me and you said

"There's something that I can do With a shape such as yours I can make you or break you" And I believed you I believed you loved me And I let you twist me in your hands Until I bled into a shape that pleased you What's the matter? Don't I please you anymore? One man's whiskey is another man's tea And I'm not certain if that wisdom applies to me I've been learning about life, watching my TV And you should see all the notes I'm taking I used to love you Maybe I still do But it's hard to play the game When you don't know the rules I sing your praises Feel like a fool I make the sound of One hip shaking I remember your fingers I remember your touch I remember wanting you Too much I remember your face As you were leaving You left me lonely Like one hip shaking One man's whiskey, another man's tea All this wisdom confusing me I been learning about life Watching my TV It makes the sound of One hip shaking

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