The Samans

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It′s the profile of the mountains on your weighted back The hoar frost is falling on your hair that is no more black A pair of callous hands on which time had left its track

Recollecting those days there are memories I cherish so much Sometimes I can't help asking why time had to rush One of two of those scenes always break into my dreams Reminds me of the way you walk, the feel of your touch Father Father Your dreams fell on my shoulder Father Father Your blood runs in my veins Behold your son who is disobedient to the end A stubborn heart refuses to change The guidance and inculcation I still remember them all In the days of adversity I kept telling myself to stand up and walk tall Lives out there is rough and rigorous I have no choice but to fight with my back against the wall How I regret all the things that couldn′t be undone Sometimes I blame myself for being such a wayward son I must confess that I've never wanted to live my life your way Because there's no chance to alter it and I only live it once

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