SongtexteYou Can Depend on Me

The Manhattan Transfer

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Though you say we're through I'll always love you You know you can depend on me If you need a friend, I'm yours until the end

You know you can count on me I wish you success and loads of happiness But I must confess I'll be lonely, I'll be lonely, I'll be lonely If someone you've met has made you forget You know you can count on me (Sax solo) Tim's solo: Hey dig it, baby you got all me Oh anytime you're feelin low n' love's got you moanin' low You're sittin' with your bottle lookin' out the window Pretty baby listen to me I wanna tell you how I feel about you baby How you got a way of sendin' me a reelin' from the top a' to the bottom If I gotta naggy hokey way of feelin' poke me, poke me once again We could do right, cookin' up a little rhythm Move it jus' right and I'll show ya what you missed Give it up, give it up, give up your love to me An' I'll motivate, n' motivate n' motivate, n' motivate an' motivate Along an' drive your blues away ---- Janis' solo: Oh pretty baby I can dig what you been sayin' What you been puttin' down makes my heart go aroun' It's sweet music to my ear But my dear I feel my heart's been broken all the time, I just can't stop from thinkin 'bout the past, hurt from the last, It can hurt you for a long long time But you sweet talkin' man, you move me with your jive Lord you make me feel like I'm alive again, The moment that I look into your eyes so brown Sweetheart I can't believe that the love bug's bit me But I believe it, get I believe it, get I believe it, It's really really 2 true love! Baby am I talkin to ya, don't you know I'm really gonna be true t' ya (Scat singing) Take me now, you don't know I can't resist when you're talkin' Ooo wee ooo wee ooo ooo wee ooo wee I'm as crazy as a monkey in a tree (Scat singing) Shashay down where we can be alone when the timin' and the mood is right Baby divine, I'm feelin so fine a little lovin' hasn't come along in a long long time Its love so fine, it's divine, (scat vocals) one more time! (Sax solo) Baby divine, I'm feelin so fine a little lovin' hasn't come along in a long long time So divine, love so fine, (Scat vocals) one more time!

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